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Our Story

Roots at 33

When you surround yourself with individuals that support you...the happy you, the sad you, the mad you, the dreamer you, the practical and impractical you, then you feel like ALL of you can do it ALL.

A deep rooted entrepreneurial spirit has fed the incredible amount of drive that Matt and I have always carried with us. We have an innate need to constantly improve the things around us. In the infinite number of projects we've completed,  from gardening to interior and exterior home renovation, we've discovered that our capabilities have exceeded our own expectations. 


We have a bond that was created when we were kids, growing up in a small, rural New Hampshire town, when neighbors were just a bit further away then they are today. We were stoked to realize that we lived right down the road from one another!  From 10-18 years old we were inseparable. So our favorite past time was catching fireflies on the hill at dark. We would catch them, collect them in a glass jar until we had enough to smear them on our t-shirt so that our t-shirts would glow...yes, terrible in retrospect. I promise we don't do that anymore. 


hat light never fades so it's crucial to Matt and I have an incredible amount of drive to success. There is this gigantic innate need for the two of us to always seek ways to improve everything, for a reason that will probably always remain a mystery. 


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